The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party!

Do you remember the last post about the Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Invitations I did for a friend? Well the party has been here and gone and do I have some wonderful photos to share with you!

Our sweet Little Amelia (and her mommy!) sent us the wonderful photos from her first birthday party.


Isn’t Mia adorable? I just love her! Her little birthday outfit was handmade just for the special event by Wild Olive Kids .  She has a lot of  really cute dresses so be careful when visiting her site!! Don’t say I didn’t tell ya so. The hair bow was made by a friend of little Mia’s mama. I think it “topped” off the outfit, don’t you?

I will take credit for the invitations and you can find one’s like them here:

For all of the adorable decorations, though, kudos goes out once again to Amelia’s talented mama.

The smash cake was shaped like a bitten apple! How freaking adorable is that?!?! Frosted was the talented bakery who designed that special little goodie. And who made the incredible two tiered cake? Another amazingly talented person the mama knows! How lucky is she that she has such talented friends?? If you aren’t like this lucky mama and you don’t  have such creative people in your life, this cute little Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake topper will make your cake extra cute.

The caterpillar above the mantle was made out of balloons and colored paper. Amelia’s mommy also made the “Happy Birthday Amelia” sign with her handy dandy Silhouette.

The favor table had some awesome things on it! Cute little candy favors and little board books for the babies who attended. For the older crowd, a coloring book and crayons of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. She also made cute little headbands made from twisted pipe cleaners. Easy and simple and oh so cute! (My little man sported a yellow one through the whole party!)

I loved this theme and I really enjoyed creating this special book for Amelia and her family!


Invitations can be found here:

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