The Princess and the Frog Party (part 2)

Do you remember the adorable Princess and the Frog party my three year old wanted? Check it out here if you missed it:

I have so much more to share with you today so I won’t waste anymore time and just jump in feet first!

The outfits of the Prince and Princess were top of the list. They seriously went out of bounds on the cuteness chart. 

I couldn’t get a good picture of this three year old in action, but I hope you can see how cute this outfit truly is.

Little Man wasn’t very cooperative either but he at least wore the mask for a quick second ;)

The favors were a bit of work. Have you ever made tutus? Have you made them for 12 little girls? This was the most time consuming thing I did for this party. If I ever need that many tutus again, I will gladly pay someone else to do it. But, with that said, I am glad I did make them. The little ones loved them and they looked super cute in them.

I also found some paper Princess Tiana crowns for them to wear with their tutus and frog masks for the boys. It was seriously adorable.


The party decorations were super simple but had a huge impact on the overall feel of the party.

I enlarged the same image I used on the invitations for the center decoration above the table. I then used paper rosettes and hung them from the top of the outdoor tent to bring dimension above the table.

I used a figurine of Princess Tiana I found at the Disney store on clearance (yay!) and tried one of those layered cakes that has different gradients of color. I kind of winged it so my layers for progressively smaller, as the color got darker but the birthday girl didn’t seem to mind.

Next time, I’ll measure the batter out into equal portions. ;)

The food was a little difficult because New Orleans is known for its Cajun fare. Kids in Ohio don’t really care for spicy so I had to think on this for awhile. After some thought, I decided to just take what they normally eat and give it a Princess and the Frog name. Chicken fingers turned in to Mama Odie’s frog legs, peanut butter and jelly was Prince Naveen’s peanut butter and slime sandwiches and green gatorade was Louis’s Swamp Water. I also decided to make the dessert that Princess Tiana was always making in the movie: beignets. (I actually just took canned biscuits, quartered them, fried them and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. They were a HUGE hit! Who knew??)


 The table makes me giddy! I originally had it planned for the girls to eat their cupcakes in the tent and sit on the little pillows I made, but it was a scorcher that day and playing in the sprinkler seemed to be a better idea all around.

I went to the local fabric store and found the purple and green fabric. I also found the little pompom garland and just had to find a use for it. I draped it around the vases and I think it turned out pretty cute. Instead of flowers, I chose to use purple feather instead of flowers because New Orleans is host to Mardi Gras and feathers are very prominent then.

I also used the rest of the characters from the clearance set I bought at the Disney store and placed them all around the table.

Last but not least, I purchased a Princess Tiana piñata. The kids loved it and she finished out the party with a bang! (get it?)

Princess Tiana Outfit and shoes Ross and Rosie Designs

Princess Tiana headband Hair Majesty Boutique

Prince Naveen outfit Magical Attic

Paper Princess Tiana headbands Party Max

Frog Masks Michaels Craft Store

Princess and the Frog Character set Disney Store

Princess Tiana Piñata The Piñata House

Feathers and Fabric Joann’s Fabrics



  1. My daughter wants a Tiana birthday party so I was looking for cake ideas on Pinterest. That’s where I found a pin to your blog post. I LOVE your cake idea. So simple yet fits my theme, tastes and talents so well. I found a Tiana candle set (also on clearance…at Party City) that I plan to use instead of the figure, and also hope to find some ornamental sugar flowers to adorn the sides of the cake. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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